5 Delicious Recipes with Goat Cheese

5 Delicious Recipes with Goat Cheese

  • Well, the truth is out there, I LOVE goat cheese. So I've rounded up my top 5 recipes where goat cheese is the super star ingredient. Check them out below!

    Pasta and Peas with Goat Cheese Sauce

    Pasta mixed with a creamy goat cheese sauce and petite peas is a fool-proof 15 minute dinner recipe that is going to rock your world! 

    bowl of pasta and peas with white sauce

    Goat Cheese, Pistachio & Fig Toasties

    This goat cheese, pistachio, and fig glaze toastie may seem fancy, but it’s actually super easy to make! With only four ingredients and five minutes you can whip up this delectable toast for lunch or as a party appetizer!

    goat cheese, pistachios and fig on sourdough

    Winter Harvest Salad

    This winter harvest salad is made with kale, brussel sprouts, chickpea pasta, butternut squash and topped with pepitas and goat cheese, it’s my go-to lunch salad. I make a huge batch of it at the beginning of the week and eat it all week long because it’s great served warm or chilled. Tossed together with a balsamic dressing, this salad is a healthy and delicious meal or pairs well with any dinner.

    salad in a wooden bowl

    Goat Cheese, Fig & Arugula Skillet Pizza

    A crispy, fluffy, and super savory skillet pizza! Grab your cast iron skillet and make this delicious goat cheese, fig, and arugula pizza masterpiece. There will be no leftovers, I guarantee it.

    pizza in skillet pizza

    Easy Gourmet Grilled Cheese

    Give me a grilled cheese, but make it gourmet and make it simple? No problem, this recipe has you covered. Only 4 ingredients and 20 minutes to make and this “gourmet” grilled cheese sandwich can be yours!

    stack of grilled cheeses