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Review of Wildgrain Box

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    Exciting product review time! I’m reviewing the Wildgrain box which includes healthy grains, pastas, and pastry goodies - all delivered straight to my door! To read all about this amazing company (based out of my city - Boston!) head to their website.

    Things I Love About Wildgrain

    • Always free shipping

    • Membership includes free sourdough rolls for life!

    • You can cancel or pause your membership anytime, they’re so flexible

    • They use clean ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and they support small bakeries. What a triple threat!

    • All the delicious benefits of sourdough bread without all the hard work - seriously who has time to make and feed a sourdough starter? 

    • When you buy a membership 6 meals are donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank

    Ready to Try Wildgrain?

    If those reasons above were already enough to entice you, I’ve got a great discount for your first Wildgrain box! You can use my code WALNUT30 for $30 off your first order! Discount applies until August 31, 2022. Click here to order your first box!

    What’s Included in a Wildgrain Box?

    In the monthly Wildgrain box, members receive an assortment of sourdough bread, hand-cut pasta, and artisanal pastries. Typically it will be three sourdough loaves, two packages of fresh pasta, and a small selection of pastries. This is for the Mixed Wildgrain Box by the way, at this time I have not sampled their Bakery Box which only includes the bread and pastries (no pasta). In the Mixed Wildgrain Box, all items are shipped ready-to-bake from frozen. No preparation required just simply pop the breads in the oven and they will be ready to go in just 25 minutes! Talk about instant satisfaction!

    contents in a Wildgrain box still in box

    Why Choose Wildgrain Over Store-Bought or Homemade Breads?

    • All of Wildgrain’s products are made with clean, pronounceable ingredients!

    • Saves time. All products are delivered to you ready to be cooked (no thawing required). You can skip going to the store or even attempting to bake your own!

    • Always tastes fresh! How often do you make it to the bakery to buy a fresh loaf? For me the answer is never - now I can have fresh bread at my fingertips. 

    • No Fancy Kitchen Gadgets Required. You don’t have to have a fancy pasta making machine to have fresh pasta - 2 boxes of fresh, hand-cut pasta are delivered in every order. Tastes restaurant-quality fresh!

    • Gluten-Sensitivity Friendly. Ok, so obviously this bread isn’t gluten-free, but it does help those with minor gluten-sensitivities. Wildgrain’s fermentation process of making sourdough digests the majority of the gluten in the bread, making it easier for some people with gluten-sensitivities to digest and enjoy the bread. Not claiming by any means someone with celiac disease should try this, consult a professional if you have a serious gluten intolerance. But I have my own personal theory that for any fresh bread that’s made with clean ingredients and no preservatives it’s easier to digest for those who are usually gluten-sensitive. If you’ve ever been to Italy and tried literally any of their fresh breads and pasta (while being gluten-sensitive) you’ll know what I mean - fresher is just better! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I’m sure you’ll have a few more questions that I have not answered here, so feel free to head over to Wildgrain’s website and read all their handy FAQS.

    Wildgrain box contents displayed on table

    How To Order

    1. Go to the Wildgrain website

    2. Click get started and enter your email address

    3. Select the Mixed Box 

    4. Alter the delivery frequency to your preference

    5. Click order now

    6. Add any additional items (optional)

    7. Enter your information, name, address, etc.

    8. Don’t forget to include the WALNUT30 discount code!

    9. Continue to the payment page and place your order



    A Wildgrain membership is $89 a month with free delivery! With my discount code WALNUT30 you can save $30 off your first order. And they’re running a promotion right now until May 1st that gives you free extra sourdough rolls for the lifetime of your subscription!


    My Experience

    The shipment came so quickly (1 day after I got the shipment tracking info). I do live in Boston so that may have had something to do with it, but their website guarantees your box will come 1-7 days after you receive your tracking info!

    So #1, great shipping and delivery experience.


    #2, great packaging experience. The box was shipped with ice packs and freeze dry ice and was still ice cold when I got home from work a few hours after it was delivered.


    #3 baking was a cinch. Since the sourdoughs are bake-from-frozen, all I had to do was preheat my oven, pop in the loaf, and BOOM fresh bread in 25 minutes. 


    #4 the pasta was TO DIE FOR. Tasted so fresh all we did was mix it up with some Rao’s red sauce and we had the perfect weeknight dinner in minutes!


    I highly recommend you give this brand a try, you won’t regret it. Plus, it always feels good to support a small business who goes out of their way to support others as well.


    close up of Wildgrain pasta package