I’m Christine, the gal behind the scenes at The Wellness Walnut. I’m a twenty-something food-lover and wannabe-wellness guru. I started this blog as a way to capture some of my favorite recipe creations with the hopes of getting to share them with the world.

Growing up, I was always helping my mom in the kitchen and learned some of the best tips, tricks, and recipes from her! My mom’s recipes are usually invented on the spot with whatever she has on hand. Her ability to recognize what ingredients and flavors work well together to create a delicious meal was passed on to me when she taught me how to cook. I attribute that to how I ended up creating some of the tastiest recipes.

I come from a moderately health-conscious family. Mixed in with the post-track practice slushie trips were fruit leather snacks from the health food store and homemade trail mix. I learned about balance at an early age that has stuck with me through the years. This blog will not be the 100% healthiest option all the time, but a mix of the best indulgent recipes and nutritional recipes I’ve learned or created over the years. To me, wellness is about balancing the healthy and the not-so-healthy for a truly holistic life.

I hope you enjoy it!

The Story Behind the Blog Name

You’re probably wondering why I chose the name The Wellness Walnut. Walnuts are not even my favorite nut, not by a long shot (shout out to cashews). The name ties back to my mom’s influence again (hey mom, you’re the real MVP). Like I said in my bio, we were a bit of a health-conscious family growing up. What I mean by that is, somehow my mom knew all the superfoods and healthy tricks WAY before they were popular with the world. Walnuts and chia seeds? Yah she’s known about their health benefits for years! She started researching walnuts in the 70’s when my grandpa developed heart issues. She discovered the benefits of eating walnuts and has been eating them ever since. It’s a running joke in my family that my mom always has walnuts on hand and will offer them to you as a snack. Hungry? Have a walnut.